Credit Repair Business Software – FAQS

Q?What options are available for a start up company?
A.We have the perfect option for start up companies. The Basic package allows you to pay a s you go without hefty setup fees.
Q?Can you private label the software?
A.Yes. We have Private Label option available as an upgrade to any package. The private label is included with the Professional package.
Q?Is there a package for unlimited clients?
A.Yes. You can view the CST Packages page for details on the Professional Package which includes unlimited clients, as well as a private label.
Q?What is the capacity of the software? How many clients can be loaded up in the system?
A.The system is designed to have unlimited capacity for client loads, referral agent loads, and office user loads.
Q?Do you provide web design services?
A.We do offer website design services. Basic site, elaborate design work, and much more.
Q?What can Credit Score Techs do for my business?
A.Credit score techs will streamline your business so that you can grow and become a successful operation.
Q?What does Credit Score Techs take to operate?
A.Credit Score Techs is an online, web-based solution, so as long as you have a computer and an internet connection, you can operate your business.
Q?How secure is my data?
A.We have security features implemented, and backups of all data are done daily.
Q?Are there any training videos?
A.Yes, visit the Tutorials page for quick user introductions.
Q?I’m not a credit repair expert. So how can this work for me?
A.We have a wholesale edition available for companies that want to sell and manage the client and referral agents, but allow the credit repair to be outsourced. Training might be required.
Q?Will I receive new updates when Credit Score Techs releases them?
A.Credit Score Techs releases features monthly that all existing clients will receive. Visit our customer support page to view upcoming releases.
Q?How do I receive a demo of the credit repair software?
A.Call our office today, or send an email to receive a demo of our credit repair business software.
Q?What if I want to cancel?
A.You can contact us directly to cancel. You are not billed monthly for any usage. You can also downgrade to the bottom package, Basic, where you pay as you go based on new client entries. Visit the Packages page for more details

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