Learn what makes up your FICO score, and where to purchase your FICO scores.

Below you will find credit information related to credit scores, vantage scores, and FICO scores.

Knowing where your credit score stands is a very important part in understanding your credit. Everything that you do, good or bad, affects your credit scores. learning what to do to improve your credit scores is easy once you understand what makes up your credit scores.

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    • What Are Credit Scores?

      Credit Scores are used to make decisions of credit approval.  You have 1 score for each credit reporting agency Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. You can generally purchase your credit scores from various sources online, and also directly through the paid credit report service that each of the credit reporting agencies.

    • What Are FICO Scores?

      FICO scores are the scores used by most lenders to make their credit approval.  These FICO scores are risk scores that are determined by specific algorithms. You can purchase your FICO scores by visiting www.myfico.com
      one of the main problems with MyFico.com is that you cannot purchase all three scores. Currently, you are only able to purchase your Equifax, and your Transunion FICO scores.

  • What Are Vantage Scores?

  • Vantage Score is a generic credit score model developed and proven to be highly predictive. Most lenders use FICO scores, but Vantage scores are proving to be more popular. One excellent resource that provides a free Vantage Score type, Auto Score Type, and Risk Score type is Credit Karma. They do not provide the report, but do provide alot of good free tools that can judge where your credit is. Visit www.creditkarma.com for more details.

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