Here is a brief overview of the main credit laws for your review.

There are consumer laws set in place to protect consumers from unscrupulous billing activity and unscrupulous debt collection agencies. Debt collectors and creditors tend to be very unreasonable to work with once the debt has become delinquent or derogatory.

FCDPA – Fair Debt Collections Practices Act

The FDCPA can help protect you against unfair, unscrupulous, debt collection agencies. many of these agencies violate the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act on a daily basis. learn what you can do to protect yourself from these collectors.

FCRA- Fair Credit Reporting Act

Each credit reporting agency is required to follow this law. It determines how these agencies can use your information. learn about the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and how you can protect yourself with it.

Truth In Lending Act

The Truth in lending why not try out there is to force creditors to provide a Lending Disclosure Statement so that you can see what the credit account costs you (interest, etc) so that you can compare with other lenders that could potentially offer a better loan program.

Fair Credit Billing Act

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