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Creditor Letter Grouping

We have recently released some major updates for the new letter creation page.  We have added several check, and uncheck options for the Account lists, as well as some other design changes. Editing of each letter before creation is now...

Edit File Types

We made some changes to the files section this weekend.  Now there are editing capabilities to edit the file type uploaded for your customer.  Recently we built in the required field of having to add a file type on upload...

New Letter Engine

We released the new letter creation engine last night, and its working well.  We wanted to take a moment and give your a brief introduction, as well as provide a training video to show you how to interact with the...

Credit Repair Business Software Features

We are consistently adding features to our credit repair software platform. many of these features were requested by our current users. We are pleased to offer custom development services, but generally are more than willing to implement a new feature...

100% Data Segregation

We are proud to release the newest functionality of the credit repair business software. We made some major changes to the database structure to allow faster web browsing time, as well as an overall more pleasurable experience. When private labels...

Add Attachments To Client Welcome Email

You can now choose to have attachments included with the initial email that is sent out to customers when new customers are entered into the system. if you have a private label, then you can add offices, and optionally send...

Add Service Types Associated With Amounts

You can now add unlimited Services by going to Franchise offices, selecting the office that you would like to add Services to, click the Services tab, click Add new Service, enter your Service name, Cost, and Allow or Unallow cost...

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