100% Data Segregation

We are proud to release the newest functionality of the credit repair business software. We made some major changes to the database structure to allow faster web browsing time, as well as an overall more pleasurable experience. When private labels are purchased you will automatically get this new functionality. We always provide our subscribers access to the newest update when we release them. This is part of our commitment to providing you a great product, at a great price!

So what is data segregation?

Data Segregation is simply separating certain parts of data from others. A Database can be partially segregated, which means it will share certain information with other parts of the same database. A full database segregation completely separates one database from the other, still providing all of the functionality of a partially segregated database. Our regular platform is data segregated by your company, which means that all users underneath your company will only see what data is related to them. The new platform allows EVERY company to have their own unique database which truly segregates all of your data into its own database. This allows faster execution time for site usage, custom database functionality due to all database functions being separated from each other. This is just the first step of our complete transformation to allow the best credit repair business software experience around.

Who benefits from this change?

Everyone benefits from this major change that was recently made. There are many reasons why this was a needed release. The main reason being the opportunity to release more of a customized solution for companies based off of an existing platform. having segregated databases allow for these extra customizations to be made on a company by company basis. This allows for more control over your credit repair business software.

Are customizations provided for free?

Some customizations are provided at no additional charge. If these customizations are not too in-depth or time consuming, then our development staff can look to schedule a release of your custom feature. If the process is time consuming, or is an in depth work flow process, then you can hire our development team at a discounted rate. We will give you a free consultation to go over the customizations with you. Talk to one of our credit repair software associates for more details.
If you are interested in finding out more information about the new functionality, please contact us directly.

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